We offer an open-to-all-creative's space to inspire and push each other. We work together to co-create immersive experiences and exhibitions that bridge social gaps. Guided by the principle that Art is capable of transcending reality and can be used as a tool to explore new social structures and systems. Everyone is welcome ! This org is for people who have never considered themselves creative AND those who have never doubted their creativity. This isn't about "making money" - We want people to understand that they ARE creative, even if it’s not “traditional” or “money-making” - it is inherently valuable !

Come open to the notion of embracing failure and ready to explore what ‘sustainable resistance’ entails. There are no prerequisites, and there is no obligation to “make A Thing” - but if that’s your goal, we can also help make that happen! Our mission is to connect artists with their peers, curators, collectors, galleries, organizations, and events to sustain a community of ethical creation.

We offer informal critiques from a diverse group of individuals to collaborate on/soundboard ideas off of - helping make epic works possible. Offering global connections, resources and a safe place to approach philosophical discussion and apply present action; we are uncompromising in our commitment to the decolonization of modern American ideals and social structures. Through the powers of observation and creation we cultivate atmospheres of preventative care and work together - experimenting with Utopia and all of its potentialities!

The status quo is not the status quo! Uhuru and Ubuntu!

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Artist x Community