i struggle to communicate digestibly

gallery 429, Cincinnati Ohio

solo show Friday Oct 13th 2023

multi media painting, wearable and sculpture show

materials: found fabric, residue, many rubbers and sealants, various papers - some made from scraps - used hair only, wasted plastics, stolen pastes, recycled polyfill, selfies, poetry, mark makers, dirt, fire, styrofoam, and a curated version of my book collection.

Sometimes memories feel like myths. like the time i ran away. like Ancestors on the “hanging tree”. IDR what everyone else called it....but I remember the bottles clankin' in the wind. That sounds too beautiful for here. i weep. Or the time, under the other willow tree, at a much worse place, i slipped and smashed Gator eggs. & the bad Michael “saved” me from the sad momma. i din’t cry then. Or i don’t remember. Or the time that the other Michael, the good first one, Michael the Archangel, came to my bedroom, not sleeping, and told me daddy was/had been in prison. When Momma got home from Revival, i told her. She cried and hugged me and we stayed up even later, eating crackers. She said, don’t tell Sister. i was 4. i told Sister.

hand written text: