SLiNK love: she/them

i am concerned with: care and accountability.
i am heavily influenced by chaos theory, emergent strategies and pleasure activism - Uhuru & Ubuntu.
i use absurdity, juxtaposition, & incoherence as tools to highlight the suffocation of binary based politics and lifestyles.
Nothing can be viewed one way.
Materials: i use what is left behind by colonization's terrible rampage.
i seek a world founded on a slow ontology.
on wearables: LLC, is a handmade wearable collection of 1:1 creations re-designed from discarded objects to flex and flow with any body, occasion or gender expression.
i am dedicated to cultivating atmospheres of preventative care.
Spaces of platonic pleasure, curiosity and gap-bridging are my expertise.
SLiNK is also the other half of Small World Market and plays the role of Creative Director, she takes great pride in making unforgettable immersive experiences.
a mantra: the status quo is not the status quo.
2 purchase, trade & collab:
please see the contact form at the bottom of this page :) send me all info on the project / proposal and I'll get back to ASAP <3

Shame gets its power from being unspoken. 

words fail,
logic is nonsense (often),
shame becomes unbearable and the pressure of suppression can bring all your senses to NUMB
SLiNK appears out of the infinite void, something like a Jinn.
To remind Us:
There are no voids in the Universe.
Born Again through the power of Play & Exploration

ever integrating Divine wisdom, as We navigate the forbidden, taboos & deceitful righteousness - Spirit tells mi:
co-Cultivating by embracing the mantra:
Full Spectrum.

Mania, Joy, Rage, Gentleness, Science, Trash, Couture Divinity, Depression, Ecstasy, Grief, Fear, Intuition, Suicidal Tendencies & Radical Self Acceptance all find equal voice here; finding the relief of being Seen -
the first step to Understanding -
the first step to Harmony. 
What a fabulous sight to behold.
a manifesto
specifically made 444
The Outlier & The Muse
the romanticized & the scrutinized
the encapsulation of "The American Dream" :
The Outlaw



Cincinnati OH