don't be the first to betray yourself.

be gentle

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Narcan Contact & info (Cincinnati)

* 184 E Mc.millan st. Cincinnati Ohio 45219



* Text "narcan" to 22999

* follow @harmreductionoh on IG !!!

Other NA Resources
* What is Narcan?
* Order Narcan: all Ohio
* What is Fentanyl?
* What are Opioids?
Still dealing with depression, intrusive memories/thoughts, looping thoughts, hyper-awareness, tinnitus, hyperacusis, cognitive dissonance, akathisia, dysphoria, bouts of frustration, irritability and guilt?

Hang in there, one day at a time you will heal. Your limbic & nervous system are getting regulated as each minute passes by <3 Don't deny yourself hydration and colorful foods - You deserve to get well. No matter what.

Slowly shed the old you with gentleness & grace. You're truly doing great :]

shame gets its power from being unspoken

in honor of my childhood, my brother, CENIK & PLINK, MY 1st embodied attempt @ romance & Cincinnati

is a great resource for finding all forms of assistance and resources in your zip code!