I'm not Black im Black

two 6ft vinyl stickers on the entrance of Daap campus mfa's studio space in Cincinnati Ohio

See Me.

I’m not Black

im Black.

I’m not Black

Because You perceive

me to be so.

im Black because

i experience it.

I’m not Black

because its “my race”.

im Black because

Community comes

. F I R S T.

I’m not Black because

You’re White.

im Black because

i refuse to Be White.

This is not a


of my ancestors


Putrid systemic projection

& oppression.

This is a deep reclaimation

& honor of


Self cant exist

without multitudes.

to Be Black is

to host multitudes.

to Be Black is

to Rise.

Never The Less.

i am not your token.

i will never be


im impossible



to Be Black

in America

Is to be Policed.

to Be Black

in the Institution

is to be an

erotic collectable.

to Be Black

in my body

is to be Multi <3.

to Be Black

in my mind

is to embody


to Be Black

in my Soul

is to grieve

to mourn

for All.

i am not a

[Black Artist].

My work is not

[Black Art].

i do not shame

these [titles].

i am an artist.

i exist to explore.

My creations challenge




For All Bodies.

Oppression has shown me

The Light

No one suffers more

than the illusioned.